Saturday, May 28, 2011

Me+ fire= :D

While in the city with my friend last Friday, we stumbled across a shop, a veritable fun factory!

Just next to the checkout area of aforementioned shop, there were deodorant cans on sale, and right next to them were lighters! You can imagine my joy when my friend said he had never done 'the aerosol and lighter thing.'

We bought armfuls of each, and hurried to the carpark behind the shop. It was dark.

After performing this 'trick,' many times, I went home. Above are some of the pictures I too :D

I sprayed the deodorant into a glass, then held the lighter above the opening, aflame. Woof!
The next pictures are of the standard, 'hold lighter in front of can and spray' variety.

My inner pyromaniac loved it!

What do you enjoy doing with fire?


  1. That photo with the glass is amazing, such a good idea for a picture. Just be careful, you don't want one of those cans blowing up in your face!

  2. that glass pic is cool.
    When I am bored I burn my leg hairs. Kinda funny :P

  3. looks nice on picture, but it's too dangerous!!

    You can visit my blog here.

  4. I fucking love fire.
    Especially playing with my zippo.

  5. great blog mmmm