Thursday, May 19, 2011



I hurriedly finished eating my breakfast. Taking a sip of my poorly made instant coffee, I slipped out of the door and into the cool morning air.
Sitting in the worn out drivers seat of my ancient car, I had a couple of seconds to think about how I would spend my last employed week of my life. I had better hand in my resignation papers soon. Then off to the beach to spend the rest of my young, but so far wasted, life.
I laughed mirthlessly to my self. More likely I would spend it wasting away in my tiny rented house, living off government benefits while missing my daughter and her mother.

The engine made a couple of feeble attempts at turning over, before starting with a reassuring growl. I was already 15 minutes late, but today I was in no hurry.

I pulled in to the station.


I said hello to Christine, the accountant. She was a nice lady. Pretty, too. Maybe one day I could ask her to- No.
I could never do that to Stephanie. I could never replace her.

As I stepped on to the train I saw today there were about seven passengers, which was a bit unusual for this time of morning.

I started my well-drilled routine. 'Ticket please.' Take offered ticket. Hole punch ticket. Hold out ticket for collection.

I went through this for every passenger, through the morning rush to work, midday lull and up until the influx of school children onto my train.
As I was checking the ticket of kid after kid, I saw one boy, about 16, try to discreetly make his way to the toilet. Hiding in the toilet to escape being caught without a ticket. How original.

I let him interrupt my precious schedule, and walked over the to the toilet door.
Knock, knock, knock. 'Please open the door, sir.' Unsurprisingly, he did not comply.

I didn't feel the bullet enter my stomach. The commuter's screams faded quickly. The warmth left my body, but I wasn't cold. Someone was crouching over me, but I didn't really notice.
I was thinking about Stephanie, and my baby girl, who I had never met.

Then, nothing.

'Back to the horrific train bombing this afternoon, there has been 38 confirmed dead, including 15 school children. One man was found with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Inspector David La...'

The man turned off the television. He had better things to think about.

A short story I wrote for English a couple of months ago.


  1. Crazy little short story there haha alot going on, you have more you will post up later on?

  2. I suck at making coffee too... lol , have a nice day

  3. Nice story man, must have passed your English class.

  4. wow, that was pretty intense! very nice and well written.

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  5. Very good story! I have written several stories, but they're in lithuanian

  6. I was wondering if that was really you writing all that from the beginning. Then I saw the gunshot part and I was actually a bit worried that maybe you had been a gunshot victim. Then I find out that it was just something you wrote for English class. You dog, you haha.

  7. He had better things to think about...

  8. Very interesting story, got any more?

  9. I really liked it, thanks for sharing, and I think Stephanie could be a great character in a novel =) take care!